Client Reviews


When I went searching for a soundman for our band, I knew exactly what I was looking for: someone who was not only dependable, knew their way around a soundboard and had high end quality equipment, but someone who loved the band and believed in what we were doing. I stumbled across Rick on Facebook and we had our first meeting. I immediately knew I had found our man.

Rick hopped on board, came out to all our gigs, jumped in on sound no matter what the condition of the existing sound system and has supported us in every way. We just don’t know what we would do without him. To not have to worry about sound or whether the soundman is paying attention and just be able to concentrate on performance is every band’s dream. Rick’s attention to detail and willingness to work with whatever the venues supply, often bringing his own equipment to augment, has been invaluable to us. This guy can withstand any challenge. (he even played the role of bouncer for us a few times!) 

Rick has done so very many wonderful things for us. We just can’t say enough about him!


Laura Mccormick- Green Tambourine Band

We've been working with Rick Gordon exclusively for the past several years, and we're thrilled! His "doctoring" brings out the best sound in our band, so that we sound fantastic for our audiences, and have a great time playing. Besides being exceptionally talented in his field, and having high quality equipment, Rick is reliable, proactive, and a great communicator. We enjoy having a professional working relationship with him and appreciate being able to go into various venues and environments, knowing that he will be able to navigate any challenges so that we can focus on our music and performance.


Ezra Weiss

I was extremely lucky to find Rick Gordon through an internet search. I was looking for someone who could record a live band with studio quality gear for a reasonable price, and he fit the bill.

When the date came, he showed up on time and extremely prepared. He was professional and easy to work with. And even though I had only hired him for recording, he still ran sound for the gig (and it was the best sound that room ever had). The final recording came out sounding fantastic.  Ezra Weiss Sextet "Before You Know it"

I would certainly hire Rick again in the future, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch sound man.


Rich Frazier - Closed Captioned

I’ve worked closely with Rick over a period of several years. Over that time I’ve found him to be a great resource and a great partner in building a quality live show. He has handled everything from large stage shows to intimate club dates with the same dedication and professionalism. I have recommended him to others in the past and would happily recommend him to any performer who cares about the quality of their sound.

Rick is dependable, focused, and professional. He has high-quality equipment and handles all of the transportation and setup. He arrives at gigs early, sets up, and helps the band configure the stage for the venue. He patiently sound-checks the band and works proactively to solve problems. His mixes are always appropriate for the venue, in terms of volume and equalization.


Linda mcphearson- Bull Frog lake festival

Rick and his team made very good bands sound spectacular. They were accommodating and flexible - real professionals. This was the second time we've used the Sound Doctor and it certainly won't be the last. Amazing!


Danielle Ross - Her Ghost

As a singer, it is amazing how a sound person can make or break you. A terrible sound person can make you sound mediocre in spite of your years of training, and a great sound person (like Rick) can elevate your talent to another level.

I didn’t have any hesitation hiring Rick because I had been in the audience when he was doing sound and I knew how great he was. He is a total professional, the best you can get. Rick will take care of you, and the sound, so you can focus on other things- like your performance!